Capsuleuse Arol 1 T

capsuleuse Arol 1 T
capsuleuse Arol 1 T
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Marque:  Arol
Modèle:  1 T
Type:  capsuleuse
Année:  1999
Localisation:  Italie (Verona) - Italy
Mise en ligne:  30 mars 2024
Identifiant dans le stock du vendeur:  TP90
État:  d'occasion

Informations supplémentaires — Capsuleuse Arol 1 T


Used capping machine AROL 1 T

Technical Features

Firstly, the AROL single-head aluminum screw capper exemplifies excellence in the bottling field. Specifically designed for aluminum caps measuring 30 x h 60 mm, it ensures a precise and reliable capping process. Equipped with a vibration cap feeder, it consistently and continuously feeds caps to the machine.

Control Panel and Production Speed

Furthermore, the integrated control panel offers intuitive and detailed control over the entire capping process. The variable production speed allows for adaptability to different production needs, with a capacity of approximately 2,500 bottles per hour. This flexibility makes the Used capping machine AROL 1 T suitable for a wide range of applications in the bottling sector.

Safety and Design

Moreover, the machine is equipped with safety protections, ensuring operator safety during use. The stainless steel clad frame not only guarantees durability over time but also offers a compact and hygienic design, ideal for food production environments.

Adaptability and Machine Condition

Additionally, the capping machine AROL 1 T is designed to handle various bottle formats, thus offering great versatility. In excellent condition and dating back to 1999, this machine has proven its reliability and longevity.

Cost and Electrical Specifications

Regarding cost, the fully refurbished and repainted machine includes adaptations for the existing bottle format and caps measuring 30 x 60. The machine operates at a voltage of 380 volts three-phase plus neutral, with a frequency of 50 Hz, thereby ensuring compatibility with various industrial electrical plant configurations.

Conclusion for Arol Capper

In conclusion, this capping machine represents an optimal solution for bottling, combining efficiency, safety, and flexibility. Suitable for a wide range of applications in the sector, this machine offers a technologically advanced solution for modern capping needs.

Speed: 2500 BPH
No. of heads: 1
Cap type: Aluminum screw
Cap size: 30 X 60
Rotation direction: Clockwise
Safety features: Yes
Manuals: Yes
stato: In storage
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