Conteneur habitable STEELHOME CONSTRUCTION Container House, Tiny house neuf

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Cette annonce vous intéresse ?
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12 000 €
Prix net HT
14 160 €
Prix TTC
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Modèle Container House, Tiny house
Type conteneur habitable
Année 12/2022
Date de 1ère immatriculation 2022-08
Poids net à vide 1200 kg
Localisation Turquie
Mise en ligne plus d'un mois
Machineryline ID LT27744
Dimensions hors-tout 2.4 m × 6 m × 2.5 m
État neuf
Informations supplémentaires
Couleur blanc
Informations supplémentaires
'Tiny House Buildings' draws attention with its usage features and practicality. It is designed in a small but useful structure. While they have an effective and aesthetic appearance with their exterior, they also offer you the possibilities of a pleasurable life with their interior design. These containers are comfortable, aesthetic, smart designed mobile homes using steel construction infrastructure. Apart from home and housing needs, it is also used as cafes and restaurants, fast food sales kiosks, office staff buildings, showrooms and sales offices, and tourism-oriented accommodation units. With the (Polyurethane / EPS Styrofoam / Stone Wool) insulated Sandwich panel system we use in the buildings, high energy savings are achieved while increasing the heat, water, sound insulation and fire resistance safety suitable for every region and climate. Measurement and material changes are made by our company, taking into account customer needs, and production can be created in this way. For more detailed information, simply contact us.
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