Machine de découpe au jet d'eau Hesse+Co TCI BP-C 4020 neuve

machine de découpe au jet d'eau Hesse+Co TCI BP-C 4020 neuve
machine de découpe au jet d'eau Hesse+Co TCI BP-C 4020 neuve
machine de découpe au jet d'eau Hesse+Co TCI BP-C 4020 neuve image 2
machine de découpe au jet d'eau Hesse+Co TCI BP-C 4020 neuve image 3
machine de découpe au jet d'eau Hesse+Co TCI BP-C 4020 neuve image 4
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Marque:  Hesse+Co
Modèle:  TCI BP-C 4020
Type:  machine de découpe au jet d'eau
Localisation:  Autriche Wiener Neudorf
Mise en ligne:  30 mars 2024
Identifiant dans le stock du vendeur:  1069-1240
État:  neuf

Informations supplémentaires — Machine de découpe au jet d'eau Hesse+Co TCI BP-C 4020 neuve

ca. 14 - 16 Wochen ab Auf
174900 €
3445.53 €
4000x2000 mm
37 kW
Max. Materialstärken
200 mm
150 mm
120 mm
100 mm
150 mm
4000 mm
2000 mm
200 mm
60 m/min
20 m/min
+/- 0,05 mm/m
+/- 0,025 mm/m
6,4 m3
790 kg/m2
37 kW / 50 PS
4136 bar
4,1 l/min

•Structure of the machine that includes the cutting table and a bridge with a cutting head for
abrasive and pure water cutting.
•Complete numeric control unit TCICNC 4.0, installed in a high-quality control cabinet with a
new generation multi touch screen.
•Automatic abrasive feeder with 200L capacity. TCI ABRALINE 1.0
•Automatic abrasive quantity regulator, independent for each cutting head, controlled from the
design software. TCI ABRASIVE 3.0
•Abrasive backstop system TCI CUT CONTROL 3.0
•High pressure pump KMT oem50 HP SL-VI · 4000 bar · 1L with:
- Hydraulic pump of variable flow and compensated pressure
- High / low pressure selection that allows piercing
- Electrical inversion of the cutting head
- Noise level below 80dB
- Leakage detection in de high-pressure circuit
- Long lasting high pressure seals
- System to uninstall de piston without uninstalling the cylinder
- Air / oil heat exchanger
•Installation of high pressure tubes
•Human machine interface TCI SMARTTOUCH V6.0
•Communication system to communicate between the machine and TCI
•CAD/CAM software and Postprocessor Lantek Expert 2D with autonesting
•Machine safety system. Declaration of conformity and CE marking
• Anti collision system TCI COLLISION PROTECTION 2,0
• Height contol system TCI SRA 3.0

Included special accessories:
• Water softener TCI HIDROSYSTEM 2.0 (2-3-shift)
• Oil/water chiller (closed circulation)
• Slit clearance TCI EXTRACTION SYSTEM 2.0 4020
• Proportional control valve KMT 50 HP OEM


•A frame built with structural steel profiles, for a working range of 4000mm in the x axix
•Water tank with material supports and water level regulation, constructed from stainless steel
•An axis with a guided system on a bridge independent from the cutting table (X axis) consisting
of a set of high precision skates and guides. This system provides a reliable linear transport,
ensures a high rigidity, a minimum of frictional resistance and a high load capacity. The
entire assembly is driven by a rack system / Precision reducer, which guarantees maximum
performance, which is connected to a brushless AC motor.
•The transverse linear axis (Y axis) mounted on the linear axis X uses the same system
described in the previous point.
•A nozzle support head (Z axis) is provided with a vertical guide system. Includes automatic
adjustment of cutting height.
•One long lasting nozzle, with orifice and pneumatic jet control valve.
•Control panel integrated in the control cabinet to manage the machine.
•Pushbuttons for autimatic operation with emergency stop.The data for this ad was created with ModulMWS - the software solution of LogoTech oHG.
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Zustand neu
Lieferzeit ca. 14 - 16 Wochen ab Auf
Ursprungsland Spanien
Schneidbereich 4000x2000 mm
Nennleistung 37 kW
Baustahl 200 mm
Edelstahl 150 mm
Aluminium 120 mm
Glas 100 mm
PVC 150 mm
Schneidbereich X-Achse 4000 mm
Schneidbereich Y-Achse 2000 mm
Hub Z-Achse 200 mm
Max. simultane Positioniergeschwindigkeit X, Y 60 m/min
Max. Schneidgeschwindigkeit 20 m/min
Positioniergenauigkeit nach VDI/DGQ 3441 +/- 0,05 mm/m
Wiederholgenauigkeit +/- 0,025 mm/m
Maximale Belastung des Werktischs 790 kg/m2
Hochdruckpumpe Nennleistung 37 kW / 50 PS
Hochdruckpumpe Max. Arbeitsdruck 4136 bar
Hochdruckpumpe Max. Durchfluss 4,1 l/min
L'offre est présentée uniquement à titre informatif. Veuillez contacter le vendeur pour plus d'informations.
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