Presse hydraulique Hesse+Co DURMA AD-ES 2040 neuve

presse hydraulique Hesse+Co DURMA AD-ES 2040 neuve
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Marque:  Hesse+Co
Modèle:  DURMA AD-ES 2040
Type:  presse hydraulique
Localisation:  Autriche Wiener Neudorf
Mise en ligne:  30 mars 2024
Identifiant dans le stock du vendeur:  1069-146
Dimensions hors-tout:  2.6 m × 1.45 m × 2.65 m
État:  neuf

Informations supplémentaires — Presse hydraulique Hesse+Co DURMA AD-ES 2040 neuve

ca. 12 - 14 Wochen ab Auf
70500 €
1417.05 €
40 to
2050 mm
Y1 / Y2 / X und R Achse
200 mm
1700 mm
350 mm
440 mm
servomotorischer Spindela
180 mm/s
10 mm/s
115 mm/s
650 mm
250 mm
1000 mm
7.2 kW
2600 mm
1450 mm
2650 mm
4400 kg
servomotorized spindle drive
4 axes (Y1, Y2, X and R)
Color graphics controlDELEM DA-66S
- 17 +quot; Touchscreen
- 3D imaging in simulation and production
- Suitable for personal Windows applications
- Compatible with DelemModusys
- USB and peripheral interface
- Skill-specific application treatment
- Sensor, bending and correction interface
servo motorized back gauge on linear guides and ball screws
CNC crowning table
upper tool 1010 / A / 75 °, devidedand cranked
4-V die block 60x60 2009 (V = 16,22,35 and 50 mm)
laser safety device Fiessler AKASmounted on the upper beam
linear guided sheet support arms
according to CE rules
users manual in English or German

- higher productivity as classic hydraulic press brakes,
by nearlyinstantaneously reaction on foot pedal signal
-low energy consumption
- compact motor-spindle unit with small amount of components
-no hydraulic components

optional equipment:


CNC control DELEM DA-69S 3D incl. PC software Profile-S with 3D file import option

Quick release clamping for upper tool

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Zustand neu
Lieferzeit ca. 12 - 14 Wochen ab Auf
Presskraft 40 to
Achsen Y1 / Y2 / X und R Achse
Hub 200 mm
Antriebskonzept servomotorischer Spindela
Eilgang Y-Achse 180 mm/s
Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit Y-Achse 10 mm/s
Hinteranschlag Verfahrweg X-Achse 650 mm
Hinteranschlag Verfahrweg R-Achse 250 mm
Motorleistung 7.2 kW
Breite 1450 mm
Gewicht 4400 kg
L'offre est présentée uniquement à titre informatif. Veuillez contacter le vendeur pour plus d'informations.
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